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Why Should You Quit Sugar?

Here is a shocker to start with. Every person takes 22 teaspoons of sugar, more than three times as suggested by the American Heart Association. Has sugar been an irresistible part of your diet?

Have you been a sweets fan from childhood days?

Then this article is for you and I sincerely hope that the information I am going to share will make some difference in your life, especially your diet, sugar in particular.

Here are the 5 reasons why you should quit sugar.

Sugar Makes You Fat

A diet which has high levels of sugar or includes fructose in particular makes you over eat. Above this, sugar forces your pancreas to secrete high levels of insulin. As a result, other hormones which balance out weight, stress, digestion & metabolism are neglected by the body. Hence you gain weight & become fat. Plus when these hormones are unbalanced, body experiences fatigue and you need more energy leading to you eating even more.

So you can see, there’s more to sugar than just calories getting packed onto you.Quit Sugar | DocMate

Sugar Deactivate Your Immune System

let’s take a look at some of the hidden dangers of eating too many sweets. Consuming too much of sweets deactivates the T-cells from blood that fights bacterial infections. This can last for a couple of hours to an entire day. If you get sick during the cold season, this could well be because you are consuming more sugar than you should.

Sugar Slows You Down

When you lower sugar levels in your lunch, you don’t feel the post-lunch coma. While your colleagues become sluggish, yawn & feel sleepy, you will continue feeling fresh & energetic. As a result, you can do more work in the second half of the day & remain alert.Quit Sugar

Sugar slows Mental Activity

When your sugar levels are balanced throughout the day, you feel energetic & don’t feel sleepy as a result. Not only your feel fresh throughout the day but your memory improves. So you are able to remember things and have an improved focus.

Primary Cause of Diabetes

Eating too much sugar over long times can develop insulin resistance. Would you like to prick your finger with a small needle to test your sugar levels daily? Would you like to inject insulin injections into your stomach? Well if this does not look a comfortable scenario, you better quit sugar or at least lower the sugar levels in your diet.

 Just try to quit sugar completely for a week & you will be able to notice the difference it does to your body. You will feel energetic & fresh. I am sure you will like to continue with quitting sugar after you witness the benefits after one week.


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