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Social Media in Healthcare

Role of Social Media in Healthcare

The Best place to market your service is the place where your customer is and where is your customer, most probably on Social media!

Social media in Healthcare is crucial. Just to understand, Facebook has 1.7 billion monthly active users. Out of which 1.13 billion people log in to Facebook every day. To have a 1.13 billion active users for a world population of 7.4 billion, Facebook has come a long way. The first thing around 50% of the monthly active Facebook users do on their bed after waking up is that they log in to their Facebook profile to see updates, likes on their photos, status etc. There are similar astonishing figures for Twitter and Google Plus. Twitter has approximately 300 million monthly active users. Most of these users (more than 70%) use Twitter on their mobile phones. So wherever they are, they are active on these social channels the whole day.

If these were not enough reasons for you to be on the social media, let me tell you if you already don’t know, social media is absolutely free. So anybody can create a profile and publish as many posts as many times. There are several other compelling reasons how social media in healthcare is crucial.

Increase Awareness

You can use social media to increase awareness about your hospital. You can publish educational posts related to your specialty. Any good post has the potential to go viral. One viral post could do so much than you can ever imagine. You can record a surgery and post it on your Facebook page. You would like to show how you do it differently as compared to others. You could also highlight how getting a surgery from your hospital is less painful as compared to other places. The crux is that you can differentiate yourself from others and make a brand for you and that too totally free. Thus Social media in healthcare could do much more than you think.

Find New Patients

With a huge number of people using social platforms, there is enormous potential for you to find new patients. People use social media to check your presence, patient testimonials, treatment technologies and reviews & ratings. Several surveys have uncovered the hidden potential of social media. Around 25% of the patients use social media to decide the hospital of their choice. Social Media also drives more traffic to your website. If you as a healthcare provider use a patient relationship management system like DocMate, you also offer some exclusive features like online appointment features, traffic updates and online bill payments helping you retain patients along with helping you acquire new patients.


Collect Feedback

You can have reviews and feedback coming your way through platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google plus. You can use these to make improvements in the overall service. But negative reviews can do more damage to your service than you can imagine. You can not delete them. But you should be prompt enough to ask for reasons of the bad review, apologize, try to answer the query and you might see a changed rating by the same person. There are patient relationship management systems like DocMate which allow you to verify reviews before they are pushed online. This helps you have only genuine reviews listed on your website and social media pages.

Best Return on Investments

Social media is free. You can post unlimited posts through your profiles and people who follow you or who like your page will get to see your posts. The more interesting your posts, the more engagement you create. Not only posts, but the advertisements on these are most cost-effective. On one hand, you would pay a minimum of $1 to $2 for a cost per click campaign in Google Adwords, on Facebook; you could get a cost per click at as low as $0.1. Thus if you have still not explored the social media, you would be lagging behind.

Your Competition is Social, so should You

If your competitor is on social media, you have to be there. But if the competitor is still inactive, it is, even more, the reason to be on the social media channels. People on these social media channels are receptive to your posts. Even your advertisements are read and have a greater impact on your target audience.

Hope this article helped you understand the importance of social media in Healthcare. You could also read a related article by clicking here.

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