DocMate Pricing

Are you paying Double the Money for not even Half the Features!
DocMate offers the most affordable pricing for more features than any of our competitors. We do not believe in contracts so you have nothing to worry about. Pricing is month to month with a 30 days money back guarantee. Even if you pay annually you can get credit back for the time you haven't used!

$299 Monthly Subscription

DocMate offers the most affordable pricing for the exclusive features as given below.


Automated Communication

Text/Voice Reminders and Confirmations
Traffic on the way to clinic
Regain Lost Patients
Post Appointment Emails


Patient Referrals

Send Referral Requests
Referral Points System
Acquire New Patients
You can access real time referral


Patient Reviews

Get a Positive Online Reputation
Automatic Yelp Requests
Manage Your Reviews
Verified Reviews are Published


Online Appointments

 24/7 Online Appointments Booking
Acquire New Patients
Real Time slot Availability for Patients
Increase Productivity of your Staff


Social Campaigns

DocMate Sets up and Administrates
your Social Media Platforms
Build Brand Recognition
Increase Web Traffic & Search Rankings


Secure Messaging

DocMate system is HIPAA compliant
All the texts shared are fully encrypted
Messages shared between you and your doctor
remain absolutely confidential


Doctor Referral Network

Refer and Receive Patients
Easy Appointment Bookings
No Repetition of Paperwork at
new Doctor’s End


Online Bill Payments

Send Reminders through Text
Messages or Emails
Hassle Free Bill Payments
Receive Payments within 48 hours


Practice Statistics

DocMate automatically scans
the procedure codes and sends
instructions to patients
You can access all the information


Software integration

DocMate seamlessly integrates
with your practice management
system to turn your patient
base into a....


Post Appointment Emails

Automatic Emails sent to
your patients according to
the Patient Code
Do's and Don’ts Emails as per the speciality

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

DocMate offers a 30 Days Money Back Guarantee for you to be fully satisfied with the software. If you are not happy with the service after 30 days, then you will receive a full refund without any delay. It doesn't get better than that 🙂