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How to make your dish Weight Friendly

How to Make Any Dish Weight Friendly

1. Reduce Fats
Try to minimize the usage of oils and butter. If your dish is drying, add water rather than adding oil. You can also learn about changing your cooking techniques. Opt the techniques that use less or no oil like steaming, baking etc and lose weight effectively.

2. Reduce Salts
Excessive salts can lead to high blood pressure & weight gain as well. You can reduce salts and replace it with lemon, vinegar etc.

3. Cut down on Sugar
Cut down on sugar and you will see a positive impact on your body. You will feel more energetic. If you are trying to lose weight, you must reduce your sugar intake to see a much faster effect. Experiment by using less sugar when baking. One can use fruits as a replacement for table sugar. Instead of adding sugar in curd/custard/porridge one can add fruits and make it more nutritious & healthy.

4. Say No to Mayonnaise
Yes, mayonnaise is tasty but it is full of fat. So you must say no to Mayonnaise in order to make your diet weight friendly.

5. Prefer Fruits over Juices
If you have both the options, you should always prefer fruits over juices because juices are nothing but fruits minus fiber minus minerals plus sugar. So whenever you have the option to take both, prefer them over juices.

6. Lower Sauces
Decrease the intake of sauces & dips. Instead, use home made sauces which are fat-free and healthy at the same time. The branded sauces which we buy from a grosser are high in sugar and dips are high in fat.

7. Lower the Overall Quantity
When we are eating, our brain does not receive the signals from the stomach immediately. So many times, you over eat & feel full after eating. So try eating a little less than your usual diet and you will feel fresh. Also, being full always and trying to reduce weight will never go together.

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