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Do you prefer juices over fruits

Do you prefer Juices over Fruits?

Do you begin your day with a glass full of canned juice? Do you prefer Juices over Fruits? You might not be helping yourself gain good health or lose weight.

Fruit juice which is considered very good for your health might not be as effective as fruits. Let me take some liberty here. Canned fruit juices might even be bad for your health. Surprised???

Juices are a good source of energy. A good option for those who cannot take solid food like for elderly, ill people or children.

But juices available everywhere are not good for your health. Well read the below mentioned reasons and you might get a little upset because of the damage you have been doing to your body.

Fruits Vs juices – Which is better?

  • When you extract juices from fruits, you in a way subtract fibers and nutrients from your intake. That is hygienic for sure but then you take away a lot from what you could have, had you opted for fruits.


  • When it comes to packaged or processed fruits, the companies add sugars to make it tasty. They also add preservatives to increase their shelf life. Because of the added preservatives and sugar, it might be as bad as aerated drinks. You can read the labels of the canned juices for more details regarding the calories intake, sugar and preservatives.


  • The colorful and eye catchy juice you buy from the local vendor might be infectious, contaminated and bad for your health. Look at the way they wash their glasses. The liquid sugar they add could also be prepared with unhealthy and unclean water. So be sure before you drink it.


So double think before you chose fruit juice over fruits because now you know fruit juices = fruits minus fiber minus some vitamins plus preservatives. Whenever there is an option to choose from between fruits & fruit juices, always choose fruits. If you are actually health conscious, choose fruits over juices.

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