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DocMate is the market leader in patient relationship management solutions that assist your practice in retaining existing patients, reactivating lost patients, and acquiring new patients. Based on the principle of reaching people when and where they are most likely to be receptive, our patient relationship management tools use the power of digital technology to keep you connected to the people that matter the most to your business.

DocMate is developed using the latest cutting edge, standard, secure tools & technologies encoding all patient information using 256 bit encryption method and is HIPAA compliant.

DocMate like any other standard internet application is accessible from anywhere via internet using your secure login credentials. The application is designed using responsive design which fits on any mobile device.

Further, an Android native application is available for you. Just ask us for it after you sign up!

While DocMate has been conceptualized keeping specific needs of a patient in mind but it is also aimed towards helping the doctors in a way they can make their interactions with their patients more frequent, valuable and productive.

DocMate sets the stage for the doctors to establish their online presence. Doctors recognize themselves by having an impressive profile on DocMate including all relevant details about their practice, hours, directions, awards, education, insurance etc. Now their patients can book appointments online with them as per their own convenience, send reminders about the upcoming appointments, request patients to leave a review about their visit, encourage them to refer their family & friends etc. all from one system with a click of a button.

DocMate also establishes a Social Media presence for doctors by creating branded pages on popular social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & Google+ by keeping them current.

Doctors can also send requests for any pending payments, send & receive secure messages, refer patients to other specialist in the area and much more!

Of course yes! Through the DocMate system, patients can send and receive secure messages from their doctors. DocMate is HIPAA compliant and encrypts all patient information as per the 256 encryption standards.

The setup portion takes around 20-30 minutes and training is another 20-30 minutes. So all together you are looking at around an hour.