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Commerce related to PMS

Commerce Related to Practice Management Systems

A practice management system (PMS) is a cloud based system that helps healthcare providers manage their hospital operations. Doctors are medical specialists who may or may not be the best managers of their clinic. A PMS helps doctors manage operations so that they can focus on their own expertise which is treatment of patients.

Today healthcare practices are considered a marketplace by patients and thus the services also have to be customer centred or as as it is called patient centred in healthcare. But why do doctors actually opt for a PMS. What are the major reasons, read on.

Reasons for Opting for a PMS

The kind of benefits a PMS provides a entrepreneur doctor are massive as compared to the investment one has to incur. Many PMS systems come with features such as patient referrals which motivate and ease patients to refer their doctor to someone in their contacts thereby attracting new patients and bringing in more money for doctors.

There are several reasons as to why healthcare providers purchase a PMS. The primary reason to opt for a PMS is the need for efficiency. About 70% of the doctors shift to a PMS for efficiency. Other reasons are to acquire new patients (15%), Automated communications (12%) and Other features requirement (8%).


The pricing of Practice management Systems varies from $149 to some charging $400 per month. DocMate is a PMS which charges healthcare providers in USA & Canada $149 monthly. West is another that charges $ 349 per month. Demand Force and Solution Reach charge $299 and $349 per month respectively.

The prices mentioned are per month basis if you opt for an annual plan. Although these would be expensive if you opt to go for a monthly or quarterly plan.

But before you go for the annual plan, it is suggested to try with a month or two before you are stuck for long. So try it for two months and if it works, you can buy the annual plan.

Is it Worth the Investment

Imagine if you only have to worry about your patients’ medical treatment and a system can manage all the operations of your hospitals, increases your staff’s productivity, helps you acquire new patients at just $150 a month. Sounds great right.

But make sure it does what it promises. Before you go for a long term relationship with a Patient Management Relationship System, know everything about it. If the company offer a free demo for 15 or 30 days, there is nothing better than that. You can know how it woks only when you have it working for you.

But yes, a PMS can take a lot of stress out of your and your staff’s life. It will save you a lot a time so that you can spend more time in planning than just executing.


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