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Benefits of running

Benefits of Running

Running is considered as one of the most effective & enjoyable exercises in the world. The health benefits of this form of the workout has always attracted people to indulge in running & jogging. It is easy to perform, does not need any equipment or practice and can be performed by people of all ages. That is why it is one of the most preferred exercises in the world.

Let’s explore the benefits of running. 


  1. Weight Loss
People who have gained extra weight or fat are the ones who fall for running. Running is an activity that helps burn calories pretty quickly as compared to any other exercise. Extra fat or calories can be easily shredded with running. Gain the slim trim body shape by running.


  1. Reverse Aging Effects
When you run, you challenge your body and as a result, your body responds with a more beautiful you. Running postpones and in some cases can reverse the aging effects. Fat people tend to look older than they actually are. When they lose weight, they look younger and most importantly feel positive about themselves.


  1. Hypertension
Hypertension commonly known as high blood pressure can be brought down to normal levels with regular running. Running helps in maintaining several factors that maintain a steady and normal blood pressure. Running also reduces the risk of several heart diseases and thus increase your life by some years.
  1. Diabetes
Running maintains the required levels of carbohydrate & sugar in the body. Surplus sugar can be burnt with running, thus keeping your blood clean and your body healthy.
  1. Cholesterol Levels
Running is a good option to prevent increasing cholesterol levels in the body. In case your cholesterol levels have already increased, they can be brought to normal with running.
So what are you waiting for. These benefits of running are written to motivate to go out, explore the nature, sweat it out and become the fit person you always wanted to be. But make sure that you don’t start running immediately. You need to do some Pre-run exercises to stretch your body. That pumps blood in your body and prepares it for running.
But to make a routine of it, you can download applications like Pacer. Using Pacer, you can count your daily steps, set goals & find local groups to keep you motivated. You like others’ posts and they like yours when shared, to keep you going.
If these benefits of running are not enough to motivate, there are challenges like 100 days of running where people across the globe participate and share their daily runs. You could also participate in one of those.

Reduce weight, get rid of diseases, feel positive and bring a more energized person out of you.
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