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How to make your dish Weight Friendly

How to Make Any Dish Weight Friendly

1. Reduce Fats
Try to minimize the usage of oils and butter. If your dish is drying, add water rather than adding oil. You can also learn about changing your cooking techniques. Opt the techniques that use less or no oil like steaming, baking etc and lose weight effectively.

2. Reduce Salts
Excessive salts can lead to high blood pressure & weight gain as well. You can reduce salts and replace it with lemon, vinegar etc.

3. Cut down on Sugar
Cut down on sugar and you will see a positive impact on your body. You will feel more energetic. If you are trying to lose weight, you must reduce your sugar intake to see a much faster effect. Experiment by using less sugar when baking. One can use fruits as a replacement for table sugar. Instead of adding sugar in curd/custard/porridge one can add fruits and make it more nutritious & healthy. Continue reading →

Benefits of running

Benefits of Running

Running is considered as one of the most effective & enjoyable exercises in the world. The health benefits of this form of the workout has always attracted people to indulge in running & jogging. It is easy to perform, does not need any equipment or practice and can be performed by people of all ages. That is why it is one of the most preferred exercises in the world.

Let’s explore the benefits of running. 


  1. Weight Loss
People who have gained extra weight or fat are the ones who fall for running. Running is an activity that helps burn calories pretty quickly as compared to any other exercise. Extra fat or calories can be easily shredded with running. Gain the slim trim body shape by running.


  1. Reverse Aging Effects
When you run, you challenge your body and as a result, your body responds with a more beautiful you. Running postpones and in some cases can reverse the aging effects. Fat people tend to look older than they actually are. When they lose weight, they look younger and most importantly feel positive about themselves.


  1. Hypertension
Hypertension commonly known as high blood pressure can be brought down to normal levels with regular running. Running helps in maintaining several factors that maintain a steady and normal blood pressure. Running also reduces the risk of several heart diseases and thus increase your life by some years.
  1. Diabetes
Running maintains the required levels of carbohydrate & sugar in the body. Surplus sugar can be burnt with running, thus keeping your blood clean and your body healthy.
  1. Cholesterol Levels
Running is a good option to prevent increasing cholesterol levels in the body. In case your cholesterol levels have already increased, they can be brought to normal with running.
So what are you waiting for. These benefits of running are written to motivate to go out, explore the nature, sweat it out and become the fit person you always wanted to be. But make sure that you don’t start running immediately. You need to do some Pre-run exercises to stretch your body. That pumps blood in your body and prepares it for running.
But to make a routine of it, you can download applications like Pacer. Using Pacer, you can count your daily steps, set goals & find local groups to keep you motivated. You like others’ posts and they like yours when shared, to keep you going.
If these benefits of running are not enough to motivate, there are challenges like 100 days of running where people across the globe participate and share their daily runs. You could also participate in one of those.

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Quit Sugar

Why Should You Quit Sugar?

Here is a shocker to start with. Every person takes 22 teaspoons of sugar, more than three times as suggested by the American Heart Association. Has sugar been an irresistible part of your diet?

Have you been a sweets fan from childhood days?

Then this article is for you and I sincerely hope that the information I am going to share will make some difference in your life, especially your diet, sugar in particular.

Here are the 5 reasons why you should quit sugar.

Sugar Makes You Fat

A diet which has high levels of sugar or includes fructose in particular makes you over eat. Above this, sugar forces your pancreas to secrete high levels of insulin. As a result, other hormones which balance out weight, stress, digestion & metabolism are neglected by the body. Hence you gain weight & become fat. Plus when these hormones are unbalanced, body experiences fatigue and you need more energy leading to you eating even more.

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Do you prefer juices over fruits

Do you prefer Juices over Fruits?

Do you begin your day with a glass full of canned juice? Do you prefer Juices over Fruits? You might not be helping yourself gain good health or lose weight.

Fruit juice which is considered very good for your health might not be as effective as fruits. Let me take some liberty here. Canned fruit juices might even be bad for your health. Surprised???

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Are you listening to patients

Are You Listening to Your Patients?

We all know that communication is really important. But do we actually care for it? Do you as healthcare providers care about listening to your patients?  The Wall Street Journal of last year highlighted an alarming fact. It said that the nurses and technicians were afraid to speak up about anything that they saw was going wrong. This is because they don’t want to annoy or disturb the physician who could be their job provider or an influencer to the business owner. Although Clinics and hospitals are doing a lot to improve communications but it seems like there is still a long way to go. Continue reading →

How to Lose Weight in Thyroid

How to Lose Weight in Thyroid?

What is Thyroid

Thyroid is a butterfly shaped gland located in the neck below the larynx. It’s job is to make thyroid hormones. These hormones are secreted in the whole body through blood. The Thyroid hormone helps the body to stay warm, use the energy and keep all the organs working. This hormone is called Thyroxin or T4. The T4 name comes from the fact that this hormone contains 4 Iodine molecules in its structure. Thyroid hormones manage the way how our tissues utilize the energy. Thyroid maintains the temperature of body, blood pressure, heart rate and the body metabolism, which is the rate at which food is converted into energy.

What is Hypothyroidism?

When your Thyroid gland is under active, that means you have Hypothyroidism. Continue reading →

Benefits of Aloe Vera

Benefits of Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera does not need an introduction. The plant is used for medicinal purposes since ages. Natively grown in north African countries, it is now sold in all parts of the world. Know for relieving heartburn to moisturizing the skin, there are many more benefits of using Aloe Vera. Researchers have just started unlocking the benefits of Aloe Vera and I am sure there are many more benefits which shall be unlocked in the coming times.

Because of the benefits, Aloe Vera has earned a permanent place in most households. The succulent plant has much more to offer. It stores water in its leaves which are quite thick. There are magical health benefits of Aloe Vera some of which are written below.

Prevents Signs Of Aging

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Drinking Water On An Empty Stomach

7 Benefits Of Drinking Water On An Empty Stomach

Your parents must have been telling you to start drinking water on an empty stomach as the first thing to do when you wake up, but like always, they have struggled to convince you. Early in the morning,  drinking a warm glass of water is not the the nicest thing in the world but this is the best way to start off your day. I am sure once you know the benefits of this 1 minute activity, you will be compelled to start drinking water on an empty stomach. Read the blog completely for full benefits.

Drinking water on an empty stomach flushes your bowels and cleans up any blockage or waste in the body. It also improves your appetite, reduces acidity and prevents headache.

7 Benefits Of Drinking Water On An Empty Stomach Continue reading →

Elements that make your Brand.

Elements that Make Your Brand.

Are you also one of those who think that they know what is a brand! Do you think that brands are only as big like McDonalds, Levis, Tommy Hilfiger, Uber etc, then answer this easy question. Why do you always go to the same barber, tailor, doctor, small restaurant? There are several factors which make you loyal customers/ patients to these businesses. A customer goes through the below given circle before they become loyal customers or patients to a business. Continue reading →