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Impact of Internet on Youth

Impact of Internet on Youth

Around 51% of the world population has an internet connection today. In 1995, it was less than 1%. From 1999 to 2013, the number of users has increased ten times. The first billion was reached in 2005. The second billion in 2010. The third billion in 2014.

Yes, the internet gives all the information within nanoseconds. You can have any information you want, with just a click of a button. You can access and share any kind of data, image, infographic or content with anyone and anytime. To cut it short, the Internet is being bombarded with data continuously.

Did you know, in every 60 seconds on the Internet

200 million Emails are sent
44 million messages are sent on WhatsApp
6 million Facebook posts are seen
3 million search queries are posted on Google
700,000 GB of data is transferred.
200,000 people log in to Facebook
47,000 Apps are downloaded
400 hours of videos are uploaded
6 new Wikipedia articles are published.

Let’s have a look at the Country wise Internet Users. The below chart shows that China, India & USA occupy the top 3 ranks when it comes to the highest number of internet users.


But does the internet actually help? What are we doing with the saved time! What are we learning and how is it impacting children and teenagers. Let’s have a look.


Impact of Internet on youth

Teenagers are in love with the internet. With telecom players offering cheap data plans, parents have become lenient on allowing their children to use the internet.

This has lead to students, young adults and children spending hours on WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social media platforms. There are addicting games which children can play the whole day and still not get bored.

When somebody spends too much time on the internet, it disrupts his mental growth and he becomes addicted to it. Just like any other addiction, it becomes all the more difficult to stay away from internet.

It is such a widespread problem that there are internet de-addiction centers in countries like USA, China, Taiwan & Korea.

Low Patience

Impact of Internet

Ups and Downs are a part & parcel of life. There are times when everything works for you. But there are times when nothing goes right. During the difficult phase, you need to have patience.

But how is this related to excessive internet usage! Children & Teenagers are getting used to finding answers immediately. Be it listening to their favorite songs, downloading a video or playing a game, they do it when they want to. Even finding answers to difficult school questions is easy with the internet.

But by doing this, they develop a habit of finding an immediate solution to all the problems of life which is practically not feasible. As a result, their patience levels drop and they get angry at small things very quickly.

Cyber Bully

Impact of Internet

Social Media savvy teenagers and young adults have a habit of putting a lot more information on their social media profiles than they should ideally share.

Plus those children who are introverts or find it difficult to indulge in face to face interactions prefer the electronic medium to communicate with the outside world. Here on the electronic medium, because they are more comfortable, share a lot of stuff.

People can misuse their private stuff and even blackmail them. Thus children & teenagers become victims of cyberbullies. The sad part is that they find it difficult to share this with their parents as they will feel embarrassed. Thus they go through all this mental trauma alone. The Blue Whale game is a perfect example of how children find it difficult to share their problems with their problems. So much so that they end up committing suicide.

A Culture of Cheating

Impact of Internet

The internet has the answer to all your questions. Especially when it comes to a particular subject for example Trigonometry, Derivatives, Services Marketing etc you can find academicians solving each query and promoting their businesses on YouTube.

There are pages that students follow and do their homework by cheating. The purpose of these assignments was that students use their brain to solve and thus their mental growth is not as fast as it could have been. In fact what they learn is copying, cheating, and shortcuts.

Thus the habit of cheating and not using their brain to solve the queries simply ruins the purpose of doing the homework. Thus internet inculcates in them a culture of cheating.


Impact of Internet

Insomnia is a common sleep disorder. People who have insomnia find it difficult to fall asleep easily and stay asleep for a while. Playing games on mobile and computers for a long time and chatting till late affects sleeping.

When you scroll through your mobile at night while all lights of your room have been turned off, it adversely affects the eyes. These habits could result in you developing the sleeping disorder – Insomnia.

You might find me being too critical of the internet. We all are aware of how useful Internet is. But it is equally important not to be a slave to it.

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Social Media in Healthcare

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‘When virtue and modesty enlighten her charms, the lustre of a beautiful woman is brighter than the stars of heaven, and the influence of her power it is in vain to resist.’ Akhenaton

Your health needs to be at the front & center because Health is the real Wealth.

From menarche to menopause, the body of a woman undergoes various hormonal changes that directly affect her physical & mental health, mood & potential.  Balanced hormones, right food & optimum physical activity are the pillars of a healthy woman.

Let’s study how you should keep an eye on your health & what you can do for a more healthy you.

1. Watch your weight

If your BMI (Body Mass Index) ranking is from 19 to 24, it indicates a healthy weight. Anything above 24 indicates that you weigh more than you should. As a result, it’s time for some exercising. Involve yourself in some physical activity so that you lose weight so that it does not become difficult.

2.Drink enough water

Start your day with at least one glass of water when you wake up. Drink clean water throughout the day. Water helps you to clean intestines and regulate your digestive system. Water also helps in detoxification of the body.

3. Cut caffeine intake

 Americans are used to drinking a lot of coffee. But too much coffee means too much caffeine. Instead of tea & coffee, take alkaline foods like fruits, salads, juices & soups.

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The Diet
What we eat has a huge impact on our health. I can tell you that what Japanese people eat is healthy. Japanese people don’t eat as much Red meat. Red meat is high in cholesterol and thus is not considered good for health. Japanese eat a lot of vegetables although, in America, most people hate eating vegetables.

They also eat a lot of rice & fish. Thus they make sure that there is no lack of vitamins & minerals in the body. Although an increase in western habits of eating slices of bread, sweets and refined sugars are some of the reasons which have deteriorated the healthy aspect of Japanese nutrition to some extent.

Lot of Tea
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People these days are so internet & tech savvy that they want to book everything on the internet. Right from railways ticket, hotel room reservations to a restaurant table and doctor appointment, people these days just do not want to wait. If you as a doctor do not provide them this facility, there are others who do and it’s only you who is on the losing end in the competitive world.

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