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7 Benefits of an Online Community

However big the social media platforms may be, they can never compete with a community platform for organized and structured discussions. Away from the noise and cluttered posts, a discussion in an online community with like-minded people help you find your answers faster. And when you own an online community, there is no beating that.

Here are the 7 reasons why you need an online community

Get More People on your Website


Using your online community, you can share the topics on the website. Thus proper community management increases traffic on your website. But keep in mind that customer engagement and keeping the information relevant is crucial. Thus you must make sure that the content in the article is engaging and original. This helps your website get a higher page rank in search engines.

Get Closer to your Customer



Market your product where your customer is. And where is your customer, most likely, Online! You can have an ongoing conversation with your customers. This helps you understand your consumer behavior, their needs and desires. Using this, you can improve your own services to cater to the changing needs of the consumer.


Emerge as a Leader

graph showing his growth and success

Upload related videos and posts on your community page. Watching your videos and reading your posts, people follow you and they listen to you. You can share your experiences there and be listened. Not only do you emerge as an industry leader, but your own business gets an edge.

More Control


Facebook & Twitter collect a lot more data about your community members than they share with you. But with your own community, you have all the data and analytics. Using this data, you can make effective changes in your community strategy as well as community development.



It is easy to grow if you have a huge network of people who follow you. Every entrepreneur needs helping hands at times. A vast network always helps in your ongoing and upcoming projects. Start a discussion, answer other people’s queries and be active. Use your current set of resources that is email addresses, contacts and get them follow you. Have original and engaging content and keep updating.

Improved Customer Self Service

Answers to FAQs help customers serve themselves. There is a noticeable drop in inbound support calls. Customer feels happy when he is able to resolve his problem by himself unlike when he calls customer service representative for help. Thus you can have a more satisfied customer.

Collect Feedback

Using your b2b community, you can collect feedback from corporate customers and work upon it to improve your business processes. As a community owner, you can start a discussion or personally get in touch with your important customers.

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