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10 Reasons Why You Should Offer Online Appointment Scheduling

With Patients willing to be treated as customers and Doctors being expected to behave like service providers, healthcare is quickly turning into a marketplace. If you are a doctor and you want to increase your customer base, online appointments scheduling is that one service, you have always wanted.

People these days are so internet & tech savvy that they want to book everything on the internet. Right from railways ticket, hotel room reservations to a restaurant table and doctor appointment, people these days just do not want to wait. If you as a doctor do not provide them this facility, there are others who do and it’s only you who is on the losing end in the competitive world.

Here are 10 undeniable reasons why you should provide your patients Online Appointment Scheduling service.

1. New Patients prefer this

New Patients don’t like to call up the staff to book appointments. They like to book it online so that they don’t have to talk to somebody whom they don’t know. Plus the online interface is simple and quick and they can do it whenever they are free unlike calling the staff on their available time.

2. Flexibility for Patients

Online Appointment scheduling shows your live availability of all the slots. Using this, they can pick their preferred appointment slot and reach the clinic on time.

3. No Waiting required

Your patients don’t have to wait for their turn. By prior appointment booking, they can arrive just before time and still be catered. Unlike when the patient has not booked the appointment and has to wait for his turn, which could be hours sometimes.

4. Reduce Patient no-Shows

Practices which offer online appointment scheduling have seen a huge decrease in patient no shows because of reminders and confirmations communications sent by the PRM systems after appointments are booked.

5. Increase office Staff Productivity

As patients book their appointments online, your staff does not have to do it manually and thus it saves them a lot of time. As a result, they can focus on other important tasks and your practice eventually becomes more productive.

6. Anytime Booking

Unlike telephonic appointment booking, a patient can book an appointment anytime she wants through online booking. Thus whenever the patient finds free time, she can book an appointment.

7. Gain Control

You can control as to who can view, make changes and manage your appointment schedule and how long in advance can the appointment be cancelled.

8. Easy to use

The interface of these systems is really simple to use. Patients do not need to install anything on their system as everything is on cloud. They can directly access and book their appointments.

9. Mobility

If your patient information is in one register or one particular PC, it can not be accessed from anywhere. But by being on the cloud, you can access & manage your patient information and appointments on the go. Only a device connected to the internet and you are good to go.

10. The Sooner the Better

If you think that Online Appointments Scheduling is just a passing trend, there were many doctors who thought the same when telephone was launched. The sooner you offer this to your practice, the sooner your patients get to use this.

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