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USA’s Best Patient Relationship Management System

Let's Take Your Practice
to The Next Level

Acquire New Patients & Reduce
No Shows Like Never Before

With DocMate - The Smartest Patient
Relationship Management System

Grow Your Practice with The Smartest Healthcare Innovation

  • New Patients, More Revenue

    With patient Referrals, Online presence, Online appointments, Increased traffic to your website and Doctor Referrals network, you acquire new patients and increase your revenue.

  • 24 x 7 Access to DocMate

    You can access DocMate anytime, anywhere. Just an internet connection linked to a device and you are all set.

  • Secure Data

    Patient’s medical data is sensitive and has to be kept confidential. DocMate is HIPAA compliant making sure that your patients’ data is safe and secure.

  • All in One Automated Communication

    Patients receive automatic Text, Email & Voice reminders all inclusive in the package. Thus DocMate decreases Patients ‘No Shows’ and increases your and staff’s productivity.

  • Build Your Brand

    The unique features of DocMate make you stand out from other Doctors helping you differentiate yourself and grow your Brand in the city.

  • Support

    Our trained support staff works round the clock to lend a helping hand whenever you need help. We shall also provide training to you and your staff members on how to use DocMate.

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DocMate – Your Smartest Companion

Online Appointments

· Acquire New Patients
· Increase Productivity of your Staff
· 24/7 Online Appointments Booking
· Real Time slot Availability for Patients

Patient Referrals

· Gain New Patients
· Send Referral Requests
· We Incentivize your top referrals with Amazon vouchers

Doctor Referral Network

· Refer and Receive Patients
· Easy Appointment Booking
· No Repetition of Paperwork

Online Bill Payments

· Send Reminders through Text & Email
· Hassle Free Online Bill Payments
· Receive Payments within 48 hours

Practice Statistics

· DocMate automatically scans the procedure codes and sends instructions to patients
· You can access all the information

Social Campaigns

· DocMate Sets up and Administrates your Social Media Platforms
· Increase Web Traffic & Rankings
· Build Brand Equity

Bridging the Communication Gap


Automated Communication

· Text, Email & Voice Reminders decrease No-Shows
· Send Traffic update on the way to clinic
· Text Messages in 26 different languages
· Automatic Birthday Emails to patients

Post Appointment Emails

· Automatic Emails sent to your patients as per Patient Code
· Do's and Don’ts instructions as per the speciality
· Patients can access the instructions anytime

Patient Reviews

· Manage Your Reviews
· Verified Reviews are Published
· Get a Positive Online Reputation
· Automatic Yelp Requests

Secure Messaging

· DocMate system is HIPAA compliant
· All the shared texts are fully encrypted
· Messages shared between you and your Doctor remain absolutely confidential

Website & Digital Marketing

DocMate provides the most comprehensive & mobile optimized website. Our experts in Digital Marketing help you outrank your competitors within few weeks.

Website Development

· Mobile Optimized Websites
· Secure and Compliant Website
· Online Bill Payments

Digital Marketing

· Monthly Contracts
· Strong Social Media Presence
· Online Reputation Management






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Witness Your Practice Transform

DocMate is a provider-led, cloud-based platform that revolutionizes patient relationships and optimizes the patient experience. From Online Appointment Booking, Automated communications to Patient Reviews & increased traffic driven from Social Media, your revenue takes a long jump.

Fast and Easy Interface

It only takes few clicks to have all the updates of your practice
Happy Doctors
New Patients Aquired

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Educate Your Patients

Patient education is a critical in connecting the gaps in the care delivery stream. Our tools have been designed to make it easy for you to educate your patients with targeted information like post appointment instructions, do's and don’t and maintaining engaged doctor-patient relationships.

Retain Your Patient Base

Throughout the continuum of service, you keep on adding value to your patient base, making your services stand out your services stand out from others. With DocMate’s value addition, suddenly your new patients become loyal and you retain your patient base.

Manage Online Reputation

DocMate manages and improves your online reputation with automated patient reviews and referrals, integrated social media, local search assistance, patient mapping and much more.

Trusted by More than 2,000 Doctors

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